Christmas. I married a grinch. A grinchy pastor who loves baby Jesus, doesn’t love the Christmas hype, but loves presents. We recently fell in love with Duck Dynasty on AE. We watched the season finale and Christmas special last week and Phil (main character Willie’s dad) said how he would rather the Christmas tree be cut and in the middle of the room instead of decorated, my husband agrees. He hates decorations and has limited my decor to only the living room–which is fine for now due to the fact this is our 3rd Christmas and we don’t have a collection yet. While I know Christmas isn’t about lights, decorations and presents, but rather about our Savior coming to Earth to provide us a way to have personal fellowship with our Creator, I still like the decorations and anticipation of Christmas. So!

What Christmas Means to Me, Lindsay. First off, this what plays in my 10 year old head from 1997. (Yes I just told my age! I’m right smack in the middle of people thinking I’m old or a baby- you do the math)

Now that that’s out…

What Christmas Means to Me…

Hot cocoa by the fire
Christmas trees in lights
Themed window clings
Fighting the cat out from under the tree
Christmas Eve service with candles
Re-reading the birth story in a new angle
Knowing what we are getting but guessing which box has which present in it
Thinking that a mall excursion is a good idea and kicking myself all the way home for doing it
Marveling at neighbors diligence to decorate their homes in lights
After Christmas Target shopping
Making peanut butter balls, hard candy, corn flake wreaths, caramels, and other Christmas goodies

And so much more… Christmas is the time we remember the birth of our Savior, the sacrifice that had to come of a virgin so we could be saved. Jesus.

So while I married a Grinch, I guess I have to be extra un-Grinchy to counteract his Grinchiness. Happy Christmas!


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