I have a growing portfolio of documents and samples. I currently design posters every 6 weeks for ongoing benefit concerts at a local teen performing arts and recreation center in South Jersey.

I also design whatever marketing materials are needed for the Women’s and Children’s Ministries at our church. I am continually designing things and making useful and practical items for my church, friends and family including bookmarks, posters, banners, coordinating labels and more.

Posters for the Fallout Shelter, a Teen Performing Arts and Rec Center in South Jersey
Fallout Shelter July 2011 Make a Wish Foundation

Fallout Shelter September 2011 MS City to Shore Bike-A-Thon

Fallout Shelter October 2011 Food Bank of South Jersey

Fallout Shelter December 2011 Toys for Tots

Fallout Shelter July 2012 Alex’s Lemonade Stand

Fallout Shelter September 2012 Autism Speaks

Fallout Shelter November 2012 Community Rocks

Fallout Shelter December 2012 Toys for Tots

Fallout Shelter January 2013 Hurricane Sandy Relief (Heavenly Driven Disaster Relief)

Hip Hop Event March 2013

Easter Egg Hunt 2013

Other Ministry Items:
Chicks and Chocolate February 2013

Womens Christmas Brunch 2012 Bookmark Anchor

Womens Retreat November 2012 Love the Lord Your God Bookmark

Egg Hunt 2013 Banner

Lingerie Shower Invite


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