About #LPowell3rd

I am a pastor’s wife.
I have a 20 lb mainecoon named Vader “kitty” and a cinnamon green cheek conure named Ezekiel “Zeke.”
I love milk with crushed ice, and yes I chew ice.
I LOVE pearls, lace and sparkly things.
Agatha Christie is my FAVORITE author.
I enjoy anything in peach, cream, pale gold, silver or burlap.
I collect buttons, mason jars, and skeleton keys.
Pinterest consumes my life. (At least that’s how I feel when I’m on it.)
I’m a crazy-cat-lady on the inside, and if it wasn’t for Cliff asking me to marry him, I probably would have at least 35 cats by now.
Veggie Tales are the best childhood videos.
In college I dual majored in Journalism/Public Relations and General Communications.
I enjoy designing things for ministry.
I know how to make balloon arches, animals and towers–thank you Party City/America.
I grew up in the South. I enjoy southern sweet tea, fried chicken and gravy, and biscuits. (I really didn’t believe my South Jersey/Philly-raised husband when he told me to put ketchup on my cheesesteak.)
I enjoy making things for myself and my home, but most importantly for others. I love making presents that I know someone will enjoy. It’s one of the best feeling in the world.
Judah Henry was born April 20th 2014! ❤ Bring on the firetrucks, monsters and grass stains concrete-caused knee holes.


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