I am a young professional living and working in South Jersey, just outside of Philadelphia, PA. I am the loving wife of a pastor and one of the only female youth leaders at our church. Everyday I am growing and learning what it means to be a child of God, a pastor’s wife and a mentor to young girls and women everywhere. I am also learning to be more frugal, resourceful and creative–with many thanks to Pinterest.

I grew up in Winston-Salem, NC and consider myself a southern girl. I like my tea sweet, my chicken fried and covered in white gravy and everything and everyone should be “blessed.” I refer to shopping carts as buggies, tootsie pops are suckers (not lollipops), Subway sells subs (not hoagies) and shoes you wear while running are called tennis shoes (not sneakers). I don’t usually call Pepsi and the like as “pop” but my parents do and every once in awhile it comes out–but all carbonated soft drinks are “coke.” I’m southern raised and proud of it. However, being southern is not an excuse to use shorthand, short-speak and improper grammar, but neither is living in the city–saying “Yall” is just as bad as “Yo.” My sweet tea will knock your socks off.

I am continually humbled by what God has provided for me, my husband (Cliff), our skittish Akita/Husky (Marley-not named after the movie), our 18 lb Mainecoon (Vader “Kitty”), and our English Bulldog (Cuddles-no we did not choose the name). And our collection of Parrotlets. If you have any questions, please let me know!

Here are some pictures 😀


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