#MomLife & #PumpkinSpice

How I want people to think my morning looked like: And zoomed out a bit, for perspective’s sake: What the hay, let’s go a little further back: And pan left: Pan right: Yes that’s a teenager on my couch, no I’m not old enough for a 17 year old son. He’s our hired-not-hired help, Justice. […]

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#Gratitude: You’re Gorgeous

As I walked down the stairs to go to senior prom, my then-friend-would-be-boyfriend gave this smirky half grin that he was known for and said two-ish words, “you’re gorgeous” — much to my best friend’s delight as she struggled to hush her squeal from the living room where she and my mother were gawking like […]

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Happy One Year & A Mooshy Banana

My precious little monster officially got permission for purees yesterday–just one day shy of his existence anniversary! Hard to believe exactly one year ago I stood in my bathroom staring at stick of plastic (lets be real, 5 sticks of plastic) trying to convince myself that the line I saw was actually a line and […]

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I Just Met Ya Girl

I just met ya girl And this is crazy So here’s my block card Come on out maybe? Love #JudahHenry You’re invited September 21,2014 to our launch service and block party! The fun starts at 10:15 so don’t be late!! Richmond Hall in Port Richmond at the corner of Thompson and Indiana.

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Philadelphia, the First

First, a little background on the title of my post. Almost as soon as I knew we were pregnant, I set up a hashtag for the baby: #babypowell3rd. This is a spin off of the email I made when lindsaypowell and every other combination of my name was taken: LPowell3rd. Since I am┬áMrs. Clifford Powell […]

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The Becoming of a Mommy

Quite unlike my previous post, “The Becoming of a Wifey” this post about becoming a mom is a bit more lighthearted. A collection of idiosyncrasies of motherhood, parenting and newborns. I’m sure the first of many, just give me time. 1. As you are learning the words to various songs from your childhood, you will […]

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