#Gratitude: Bumblegardner & Magilacutty

Very few people would know who I am talking about when I say Bumblegardner and equally as few would know what a Magilicutty is. But my Dad does–because he made them up.

However, in all my years of life leading up to college, it never seemed important for my parents to clarify that these terms were birthed from my father’s creativity. So when I went off to college, I was not only struggling with the language barrier of “buggy” vs “shopping cart” and “yall” and “coke” for everything carbonated and not just Coca-Cola products… I was also learning what other fun and interesting things my father had conjured up to entertain himself and our family throughout the years.

The funniest story of me learning these phrases were fictional was actually when I started dating my then-boyfriend-now-husband. We were flipping through the television stations and came across King of the Hill. Not the best cartoon to watch on any given day, but not the worst either. Somehow the names of the characters came into question and Cliff asked, “what’s that guys name that mumbles?” I immediately and passionately replied as anyone who knows the answer and is 100% positive of it, “Bumblegarder.”

Yet clearly Cliff had caught on to the humor my father found in naming Bumblegardner Bumblegardner, but somehow my childhood self had overlooked and my semi-adult self continued to overlook–becauase he immediately started laughing and said, “no really, what’s the character’s name?”

Well in case you didn’t know, it’s not Bumblegardner. It’s Boomhauer.

Jeff Boomhauer to be exact, this guy:

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 10.14.59 PM

However, if you have ever watched the show, his character mumbles a lot and is nearly incomprehensible 99% of the time. Clearly my father got a kick out of this and my then-boyfriend-now-husband got a bigger kick out of my naivety.

After finding out that wonderful tidbit of news, I began wondering what else my Dad fabricated for humor. Turns out when you hit that muscle on the top of your arm–the kinda fatty one near your elbow–and it tickle-hurts like a funny bone? Yeah that action is not called a Magilicutty, but it also doesn’t have a name. So maybe we can get that to catch on… so fetch.

So that’s been fun. Finding out what I thought to be fact as fiction. Pure hilarity.

So thank you, Seven-Shades-of-Black-Man, for the humor and my creative/sarcastic/mischievous side. Thank you for giving me a ridiculous amount of conversation starters with new people who don’t understand my lingo. Thank you for spending a Saturday afternoon when I was 5 or 6 filming “the Irby rendition of Little Red Riding Hood” with capes, stuffed animals, masks and a baseball bat while Mom was at work. Thank you for showing me what real humor is and giving me a foundation for building fun memories with my son. Thank you for modeling what it means to be a Dad and a husband so I knew what to look for in my husband. And most of all, thank you for always having a sweet spirit about you when it comes to Jesus and worship–because while humor gets me through tough times, Jesus gets me through life.

Love you more than I could ever express,

Strawberry-Shortcake-Pea-Brain-Sister-of-Buttman-Moon-Me-Lindsay-Lou-Yindsay with a side of Basketti and PB&J in jail.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 10.57.24 PM


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