#MomLife & #PumpkinSpice

How I want people to think my morning looked like:


And zoomed out a bit, for perspective’s sake:


What the hay, let’s go a little further back:


And pan left:


Pan right:


Yes that’s a teenager on my couch, no I’m not old enough for a 17 year old son. He’s our hired-not-hired help, Justice. He likes us–though most of the time I’m not sure why–but he’s a good kid and a tremendous help and most of the time we can pay him in oatmeal cookies, meals and video game time with Cliff. Anyway, moving on a little further right:


While I should incredibly impressed that my day started off with two warm berry muffins and a delicious Tazo Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte, and my son ate a third of a homemade jar of banana and two spoonfuls of carrot (I tricked him-he’s only had banana so carrot was not what he was expecting), and I am blessed to be able to work from home to watch my peanut a few days a week and write during lunch and in the evening, somehow this morning I wasn’t as thankful as I should have been. I got up early with the monster while my husband slept longer, I made muffins that my husband didn’t even notice while walking out the door to pick someone up from the train station, and my post-shot infant is extra fussy even 2 days after shots. But as I’ve started writing more #gratitude posts to share in the coming days, I caught myself being ungrateful.

My husband didn’t see the muffins I made, BUT I have the ingredients and electricity/gas to make them. Sure my son cries a lot and kicks my csection scar (horrible new habit) BUT I HAVE a son, which just over a year ago I thought would never happen.

Post Banana covered Carrot

Being thankful and showing gratitude are some of my personal new goals. I’m pretty excited about where it’s going to take me.

And you better believe my pumpkin chai will be right there with me, fancy straw and all—especially since I have over 2,000 ounces of pumpkin spice chai, more on that later.


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