Happy One Year & A Mooshy Banana

My precious little monster officially got permission for purees yesterday–just one day shy of his existence anniversary! Hard to believe exactly one year ago I stood in my bathroom staring at stick of plastic (lets be real, 5 sticks of plastic) trying to convince myself that the line I saw was actually a line and not a evil mark of trickery. It had been a very long and frustrating period of trying to get pregnant and it was hard to convince myself that time in my life had come to an end. 

While little monster got me up early today (and in return I woke him up during nap time to go to grandma’s) I still cherish his existence and thank God for each day we have with him!


Here’s to the mooshed up banana you will get as a celebration treat at dinner. Maybe I’ll sneak some applesauce in there if you’re good for grandma. 


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