A New Chapter: Philadelphia

Philadelphia. Liberty. Freedom. Love.

This southern-raised girl never would have dreamed that I would be talking about packing up my suburban home just 12 short weeks after having my first kid and moving into the 5th largest city in the country. I didn’t grow up in city living, but over the last 3.5 years of living in Southern New Jersey, city life has grown appealing.

I’m still not accustomed to the thought of fighting for parking, taking public transit everywhere, and having my son grow up without a backyard full of grass. I still don’t REALLY know how to parallel park–and if I’m honest, I feel the urge to runs cross city intersections just as much now as I did as a 4 year old.

But there is a calling in my soul and Cliff’s soul that can’t be ignored. A calling to start a church where a church doesn’t exist and to break the typical boundaries of what people think of church and who people think God is. A calling to church plant.

With equally heavy and joyful hearts we announced our resignation to our current congregation this past Sunday. Our minds and hearts know this is where God is leading us, but our bodies are freaking out. Cliff has had indigestion, heartburn, sleeplessness, he’s thrown up and more. Just when Cliff’s body straightened out, mine ramped up with headache, upon migraine, upon headache.

It’s not easy to be pulled away from a congregation we love so much, but we have a call on our life. If we ignored that calling, we would be denying God’s plan for our lives. After all, God’s plan will go on without us, but I’d much rather live in God’s plan than make my own way.

Just because it is the will and plan of God doesn’t mean it’s easy. In fact it usually is the exact opposite. It’s REALLY hard. To me church IS family. Not blood family, but God-family.

In a few weeks our new church launches in a new city and with it a new chapter in our lives. God is, has been and will continue to prepare us for our new city, new life and new church. He is preparing the lost of Philadelphia.

Will you pray with us and our team as we launch? For financial, spiritual and emotional breakthroughs, for team growth and direction, and for overall guidance!

Cliff and I are excited for our new chapter in life and will fight tears as we turn the page on this one. And if I’m brutally honest, even after years of city living, I will probably still feel the urge to run across the street. You know, just in case.


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