Happy 4th Year Hubs

Some days I realize how quickly I grew up. I’ve always been more mature than those around me. Growing up I was told I looked older acted older and had wisdom beyond my years. I never wanted to do what kids or people my age did. I never enjoyed partying, excessive drinking and frivolousness of youth. Even now I am caught in that to an extent.

I don’t find it ironic that my husband is the same way–not so much of the comments people made of him as the fact that Cliff was always younger than those around him so he tried to act older, be older and do more things than those around him. As a result, he has done way more, had more jobs, and had more experience than most people his age. When we got married, those two parts of our lives combined into a monster of a thing, as we both wanted to move faster than we were supposed to.

We both needed to slow down and enjoy life in the moment instead of always looking for the next thing. While we enjoyed life, I know at times I was and am so wrapped up in church, work, family, pets and our church family that I forget that I am married to someone with needs and ideals. I’m sure he doesn’t dream of me coming home and doing laundry at 10 PM while he holds a screaming 7 week old who just filled his diaper to max-capacity with mustard-colored goop–just like I don’t dream of sleepily feeding an infant at 3am as he slumbers away. But laundry has to get done and the baby has to be fed–and yet we rush through life wondering how we got where we are.

Something about the song, “God Gave Me You” by Blake Shelton gets me every time. To think that God gave me a specific human to love and live life with, to grow old with, to fight with, to raise kids with. He knew when we were born that we would be where we are today, rejoicing as we do today, struggling as we are today, and that God moulded our characters and personalities to mesh with the other–it’s baffling.

God knew that it would take Cliff and I several very challenging years to figure marriage out.

He knew we would lose Cliff’s ministry job and main source of income just hours after closing on our first house.

He knew we would have an exceptionally hard time meshing and that just 3 weeks into marriage we would have a huge fight which would send Cliff walking home 5 miles in Alabama summer heat, in tight jeans and flip flops.

He knew we would try and fail to get pregnant and the emotional toll that would take on our relationship–and He had a huge part in the joy we would have with our child’s birth.

He knew we would struggle with finances and continue to do so–but that in our struggle He would shine.

He knew Cliff would have infinitely more faith in the moment than I do. And He knew that together we could keep each other sane.

He knew what would drive us insane about the other and what would cause us to remember why we fell in love in the first place.

To my hunky hunky hubby, may we always put God first, each other second, our family third and the world dead last. God gave me you to live life with. Congrats 😉

Happy 4th Anniversary Babe.

(Yes I said 4th, thus disproving many timelines you’ve established stories upon for sermons. But I promise, its only been 4 years. 😉 )


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