Dining for Dignity is Making a Global Impact (and Needs Prayer)

Last weekend a local non-profit awareness organization, Dining for Dignity, shed light on disturbing addition to the adult industry. Dolls made in the likeness of 6 and 7 year old girls, solely for the purpose of sexual pleasure. The dolls were made by a Chinese company and sold online. Since their social campaign launched over the weekend, the company has taken the dolls down from their website and a number of news outlets and people across the world have taken notice–most in favor, some in hatred. On November 18th in China, the event made the bottom of the first page.


While I am ecstatic and in awe of how quickly the news spread and the support this organization has developed across the world, I am also increasingly aware of the dangers of the internet and of radicalists. Dining for Dignity set up a Facebook page for the Social Media Blitz against the dolls and there were a number of responses–some positive, some negative. Several people claimed the campaign now puts real children at risk, while others recognized that having the dolls for sale was the real item putting children at risk of being a victim of pedophilia. One radicalist wrote several posts claiming he would track everyone down and kill them, and then went into detail as to how it would happen and even uploaded several audio clips of himself describing the details. The authorities were called, but I am still in shock over some of the responses.

However, while the death threats are disturbing and I do not discredit the urgency to pray for the organization and volunteers, some of the most disturbing and unsettling  of comments actually came from Christians. Christians who shared the link to the page and made comments about how pedophiles should rot or how they were sickos or should be killed. While I do NOT for one second condone their actions and 100% believe they are wrong and life-shattering for a child, the comments made by Christians shakes me to the core. The leader of Dining for Dignity, Kelly Masters, wrote this about the purpose of her Facebook page calling people to take action to shed light on this disturbing industry:



I was actually upset when I saw people (people I know, who are Christians) calling them pedophiles, and trash talking them. While it might be accurate terminology for their actions it doesn’t show love–which is the greatest commandment. You cannot reach anyone without loving them first. You might not want to reach a pedophile but that pedophile has a name and a God-inspired calling on their life, that they simple and clearly are not pursuing. While their actions may disgust you and make you think they are unworthy, remember that you were once unworthy and someone loved you enough to share God’s love and forgiveness. Everyone is worth the effort. Remember before you point fingers at someone else’s blatant sin, that you have hidden sin–which makes both of you sinners

So while I am rejoicing for global coverage and the removal of the dolls made in the likeness of little girls, I am also saddened by the death threats made against the Dining for Dignity team, and the response from some Christians who have temporarily forgotten the meaning of being Christ-like.

Dining for Dignity sent out a prayer request urging for people to pray for their organization members, for Kelly, and for their volunteers. While we do not live in fear, we know that when you shed light on darkness, while it has to flee–darkness fights back. Our weapon against darkness is prayer. Pray with us.


2 thoughts on “Dining for Dignity is Making a Global Impact (and Needs Prayer)

  1. i as a cjild was rape by my fayher from the age of 3 to 18 plus by many other it was hards it ruin my life but as a Christain i have learn to forgive all them but will never forgive them i find it hard to trust anyone cause not only is a man a pedophile there are women out there too i will be praying for you are your group as you work towards helping these people i know i was once a sinner and now im a child of God and with God all things are possible a person can be change so i will stand with you thou it does make me sick when i know a child has been rape i cry it tears me apart please pray for me that i can become bold and strong someday

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