Abnormal Friendships

Abnormal friendships seem to be the ones I engage in the most recently.

I have normal friendships:

-One girl from church who I’ve known since 4th grade who was my maid of honor, and who grew up to have a masters in Divinity and marry an Egyptian. AN EGYPTIAN! World traveler over there.

-Another since 4th grade, who’s father is friends with my father, who also dated my brother, who was a roommate in college and who can keep my crazy in line.

-Another I’ve known since high school, we watched Smallville (every episode until it got all witch and gothic-y with the pestle and mortar… when a guy friend, her and I were scared out of our minds by witchy chanting and had to abandon mid-episode), who loves comics, pajama pants, music and dark eyeliner.

-Another who was a soccer star, part of The Populars, drove the sweetest car in high school, married the pastor’s son and dreams of being a nurse.

-Yet another, a gorgeous little lady who has broken into the photography world and is phenomenal. Recently engaged and always beautiful. A true diamond in the rough who always beat to her own drum.

-A 6-foot country-raised, amish-neighbor, horse-owning should-be-model. The true southerner from the group.

-Another who is gastronomically challenged. Allergic to dairy but eats dairy daily–and loves cheese. Who’s hair is large and in charge, and who’s vertically challenged nature is not to be reckoned with. Who is the baby of the group by not by age or lack of fierceness. Who continues to call me mom.

and that’s just from my youth group. But those friends were normal. We weren’t normal, but the friendships were normal. Females at church, with similar likenesses, talents, gifts etc. We went to Fine Arts Nationals together. Some of us traveled to Scotland together. We participated in The Prank Wars, youth camps, lock ins, worship team, Mix Mentors, Behold Him Easter plays, and so much more.

But those were normal. I know I could call them at anytime and they would be there for me if I needed it. However, after getting married, my friendships changed drastically (with the exception of the one friendship in high school that was abnormal). Granted my husband is my friend, but that’s not what I’m talking about here, so ignore that part of it for now. After moving to New Jersey, getting plugged in at a church, and serving for over 2 years now. I have seen how my friendships have transformed.

What use to be similar age, similar likeness, similar tastes, similar activities turned into similar spiritual likeness, similar spiritual maturity, similar spiritual activities and less about age, gender or background. Here are some examples:

-(from high school) A then-three-year old who loved me as much as I loved her. A strong best friend in high school who barely knew how to spell her name, much less mine. Who knew the true meaning of friendship and who didn’t care that our friendship started with me bribing her to be my friend with Smarties.

-Another mother of 2.5 kids who thinks the same, whose husband is practically the same person as mine (minus the fact that hers does manual labor and mine sits at a desk), who understands my frustrations and can steer in the right direction.

-Another who is a teenager, who has had a troubled upbringing, always clothed and fed, but not always protected from the things a child shouldn’t have to endure. Who looks up to me and who I would do anything for (as well as my husband).

-A grouping of miss-matched older ladies at church, who feed into my life and can seemingly know what I need when I need it. Who are mothers of the faith and who encourage and make the dynamic of our church welcoming for any female.

Quite the dynamic of friends who are abnormal for a young adult. I’ve just been realizing the gifts of God and the faithfulness He provides. While people don’t always agree with what Cliff and I say or do, I know that God will provide the friendships needed to get through the day and through experiences as they arise. I’m truly blessed.

Abnormal friendships: A 3-year old, a mother of 2.5, a teenager and a bunch of old ladies.

Did I mention I’m 25?

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