Strength to Keep Going

There are many time in the last two years I’ve wondered why we keep going in ministry. I know we are where God wants us, and I know we are touching lives. However, there are times I look at my coworkers and realize how much free time they have. They have time to relax each evening. Many talk of being bored at home and working instead. I’m not sure I remember the last time I was truly bored with nothing to do. I might have not wanted to do chores, but I was not truly bored.

Of course there are little perks along the way, hearing how a sermon Cliff gave was the right word at the right time. Being loved on by a toddler. Hearing positive things from the community. There are so many things I could list that are perks and highlights along the way. But there are still moments when I’m tired, surrounded by a filthy house, with laundry and dishes piled high, with pets longingly look at me for attention, and I have to force myself to walk out the door for another church event. (Did I mention how BADLY my dogs smell right now?)

But then I get this Instagram notification:

1020360_716707840748_1246663656_o (1)

…and I remember why I am doing this. And I put on my big girl pants and push through with little sleep, a filthy house and love in my heart. One day I will see the difference I am making for people around me, I will see it was all worth it–even if that’s in Heaven.


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