Fabric Strip Garland

Fabric Garland Tutorial

fabric garland 1

This was an extremely easy project to do and I know it is going to look gorgeous for my sister in law’s lingerie shower. The theme is Mustaches and Lips. The colors are Red, Black, Grey and Champagne. I plan on hanging this from either the staircase, behind her on the wall, or behind the food table/gift table. I haven’t quite decided yet!

fabric garland 2

To do this project you will need:

Fabric, Ribbon, Burlap, anything you can make strips of that are about a foot to a food and a half long. Remember you are tying them in the middle, so if you want it a certain length, double it.


A spool of ribbon

Two sturdy objects, in my case I just used my fridge door and the door handle to my pantry.


All you have to do is tie your ribbon to the two objects, cut your fabric or ribbon into strips (I did varying strips of 1 inch to about 3 inches), and tie them around the ribbon. I did loose knots so it covered more of the ribbon, space wise.

And viola! A beautiful ribbon/fabric strip garland. Pretty easy huh? I am already in love with it. I just need more red and black!

UPDATE: 3/27/13 Added reds and blacks and a few whites from the scrap fabric section of Walmart. πŸ™‚ Fabric GarlandSome of my reds are flipped backwards, but they are there and they will be pulled down when I have the shower for my sister in law πŸ™‚ So EXCITED!


2 thoughts on “Fabric Strip Garland

  1. I saw a garland like yours on Etsy. I really liked it & was hoping to find a tutorial. Thank you so much for telling me how to make one myself!!! Yours turned out beautiful!! πŸ™‚

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