DIY Jewelry Box

I went on a Pinterest rampage last night at Michael’s, so you will see more coming soon–but for today, the DIY Jewelry Box.

**SPOILER ALERT** This probably won’t work for you if you are looking to create a jewelry box, I guess this is more of a re-purpose than a DIY, but oh well.

For this DIY Project, I thank Pinterest. Not one specific blogger though, or one specific pin. It was a creative spin off of the pins showing purses hanging on hooks from a curtain rod in a closet (this pin:, and stockings hanging from a rod hung from stocking hangers on a mantle (did you follow that?).

I have an older wardrobe. I got it at Goodwill for $75. It is big, heavy and dark–luckily it is in two pieces so I can move it. The bottom part has two drawers, the top part has two big doors with three vertical compartments and two drawers. About a year ago, my stand up jewelry box was broken in the middle of the night during a stumble on the way to the bathroom. So I decided to turn one of the vertical compartments into a jewelry box.

Step 1: I dusted the compartment with pledge. Word to the wise, don’t pledge the sides. I did this and it make it very hard for Step 2.

Step 2: Position the tension rods so that they are 1/2 inch to and inch longer than the width of the compartment and then squeeze it in there. Position the rods as you prefer. I did my necklaces in the back and bracelets in the front with earrings, bracelets that are not circular/don’t hang on hooks and brooches in the basket underneath the bracelets.

Step 3: Hang hooks on the rods. I used S Hooks that were for my old shower curtain. The house we are in now has shower doors and not curtains, so we no longer needed the hooks but I held onto them just in case, and I’m glad I did! You can get these pretty much anywhere. Ikea has some pretty cheap even.

Step 4: Hang jewelry on the hooks. I doubled up some of the pieces, and ones I didn’t use as often.

Ta da! All done.

DIY Jewelry Box
DIY Jewelry Box

Isn’t it pretty? Now what to do in the other two spaces… hmmmm I’m also debating repainting the piece like this pin…


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