Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband. We had some rough times dating, engaged and for the first year of marriage, but it’s finally leveled out. Now I realize I laugh more at the stuff that use to make me mad and the things I get upset about I realize that every couple struggles with. Today you get to see a snapshot of the life that I live. Both of these photos were taken within 2 minutes of each other as I stood in the kitchen waiting on water to boil for some late night Mac and cheese for our backwards dinner Sundays (church at 7 with desserts and home for dinner)…


That’s a coupon from the side of a Velveeta Mac and cheese box (Yes I was making mac and cheese at the time, ironic? I think not. We eat so much Mac and cheese I’m surprised we aren’t chronically constipated.) Don’t get me wrong, I love that Cliff was trying to help me save coupons, because normally coupons and box tops don’t make it when Cliff is near them… But I feel there were lots of other options. Including the coupon folder, junk drawer or box top jar. But it gets stuck to the fridge, probably on the way to toss the box in the trash.

Then I open the fridge (I was going for a drink while waiting on water to boil.) and see this:


There are not 1, not 2 but 3 bottles in a shelf that is too short, making the shelf bow out. Granted the door shuts (and yes he did put the items back in the fridge after lunch the day before like I asked.) I guess with so many options of where to put the condiments, a shelf with the appropriate height must have been out of the question.

#WifeProblems #GratefulHeTried


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