The 5 Love Language Challenge

The 5 Love Languages
The 5 Love Languages

I’ve heard about the 5 Love Languages since high school probably. My friend Breanna did it awhile back and was raving about it. I know it existed but honestly thought it was cheesy. However, since being married and living with someone who clearly didn’t know exactly what my love needs were other than saying I love you, spending time with me and the obvious, I decided I needed it.

It’s funny because I told my husband to take it and I could tell he wasn’t thrilled, but I said it was quick and that I thought it would help us a lot so he did it. Three minutes later we discovered that we KNEW what the other ones main love language was, but that neither of us had done anything about it really–outside the usual acts and mannerisms of being married.

Here are our results, 10 being the highest you can rate in a category and 1 being the lowest: (don’t hate me hunny for posting them)

Cliff’s Love Language Results

Acts of Service – 2
Words of Affirmation – 7
Receiving Gifts – 6
Physical Touch – 9
Quality Time – 6

My Love Language Results

Acts of Service – 9
Words of Affirmation – 8
Receiving Gifts – 6
Physical Touch – 4
Quality Time – 3

Could we be MORE different?

Look at both of our number 9’s…

My number 9 is Acts of Service… Cliff’s Acts of Service score is at 2.

Cliff’s number 9 is Physical Touch… My Physical Touch score is 4.

It’s amazing how you can live with someone and know their need and never really act upon it. If my husband was hungry I would have fed him, but not realizing this need and fully understanding what it means is practically doing the same thing–by starving him of love in the way he desires it. I showed love to him by washing his clothes–when he just needed for me to hold his hand in the car. He showed love to me by hugging me when I’m upset or angry–when I needed him to do the dishes. #MindBlown

Take the quiz at: (and no it isn’t just for married people)


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