Patience in the Small Things (and the Big)

So last year was our first Christmas in our house in New Jersey. We didn’t have a ton of decorations, but we had enough. And I’m going about it slow because I want to really like the stuff we buy and I hate paying full price! So I buy during clearance and sales at the end of the season. Well last year I had been eying up all of these adorable cranberry wreathes. I wanted one so badly. I waited and waited and begged and begged for one. But Target was asking $20 for sticks and little balls of coated styrofoam, so I couldn’t bring myself to do it (plus Cliff said no). But then, after waiting and begging from probably Halloween through until after Christmas–Cliff and I were scouring what was left of the Christmas decorations and wrapping for next year, and I saw it. It was on clearance for like.. $6 I think? I had finally found it and I was ecstatic. It was the last one. Of course, I begged and Cliff caved because he knew I wanted it and had wanted it for so long.

So I went home, took a picture of it, posted it on Facebook, and put it with the rest of the decorations (which we had already taken down because we were going on a cruise right after the new year and didn’t want to come home to them). Within like a few hours of posting it, my friend from college who lives in Florida commented about how she had done the EXACT same thing–and she had found it on clearance at Target as well (she got a better deal, hah!). We were so excited that we had found it and that we had done the exact same thing–wanted it, begged, was denied, and then found it months later and were so proud of our find!

As soon as both of us pulled it out this year, we thought of each other and about how great God is that he granted us the small things in life–through patience.

I cannot tell you how much God is growing my patience recently. I am not patient by nature. I want things and I want them done now. If Cliff waits to take the trash out, I’ll do it for him. I hate delaying things. I hate patience.

But God knows that about me and is helping me learn and grow by making me be patient. By proving that it is all in HIS timing and not mine. By showing His power and direction over my life.

From being patient about waiting to have kids until we were more stable in life (IE both of us had jobs), to waiting to purchase a house until Spring when I want it now, to waiting to finish the basement at the church until we have enough funding, to waiting for packages to come that I ordered weeks before and they are not on time, God is making me patient in everything. … I (still) hate it.

Isaiah 40:31 “but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” NIV

Psalm 40:1 “I waited patiently for the Lord; he turned to me and heard my cry.” NIV

Romans 12:12 “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” ESV

Here is a picture of Stephanie’s wreath in her beautiful home in Florida. 🙂

Cranberry Wreath Photo

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