Proverbs 31 Woman : Worth More Than Rubies

A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. – Proverbs 31:10

Every little girl dreams of a perfect wedding with a Cinderella dress covered in sparkles and prettiness. She dreams of a prince charming that will sweep her off her feet and make all of her dreams come true. And of course the ring.

In today’s society we cherish diamonds, not rubies. In fact, I’m pretty certain most ladies today would prefer a 1 carat diamond to a 3 carat ruby any day. But rubies are rare. I did a little research on rubies as found out the most treasures rubies come from inclusions in marble in South Asia. While I know diamonds were around while David and Solomon were writing Proverbs, they were not as popular as other previous stones. The popularity of diamonds as engagement rings came about after the 1800s.

Even though today’s culture focuses on diamonds, we can still understand the preciousness of what is being said. That a woman of noble character, who is upright, honest, pure and true, is treasured more than a gem.

Are you a woman of noble character? Do you gossip? Slander? Covet? Trash talk?

Do you do everything possible to uphold and strengthen those around you?

I know I don’t. I am constantly correcting myself after snapping at hubby, feeling worthless and angry when I am cleaning while he is relaxing and feeling selfish and miserable when I realize how childish all of those feelings truly are.

While I would love to stand tall and claim I have accomplished being a woman of noble character, I have a past that has blotted that image. A past that many are unaware of and that those who think they know are misinformed gossips.

But I strive to live in spite of myself because God loves me in spite of me. I strive to live a pure life as a woman of noble character, a pastors wife and a mentor to teens.

Heavenly Father give us all patience, peace, love and the tenacity for a character that is noble and that makes us worthy of being called your daughters and sons. That we could be treasured more than rubies and diamonds. Let us live for You in spite of ourselves.


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