Understanding Burn Out

Image courtesy of Graur Razvan Ionut at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Burnout: when a person feels they have been taken advantage of and no longer find joy ministry.

Burnout is real; however, the reaction to burnout is what causes a burned out person to remain stagnant or to flourish. My fellow Women’s Ministry board member, and the board president, Molly, recently went to the Women of Faith Conference in Philadelphia. One of the speakers was a lady named Christine Caine. Since Molly came back from the conference she has been in love with discovering Christine Caine’s ministry videos and more. Last Wednesday Molly showed me a video.

A burnt out person is not doing too much ministry, but rather they are of spending time letting others minister to them. Similar to a pastor never spending time with other pastors, reading books and more. It’s hard to constantly give and never receive. We need to be replenished so we can flourish. Like we need food for survival or a plant needs water to grow, so we need spiritual food.

Oftentimes the ones who are burnt out really do have a lot on their plate. But sometimes burnt out people are doing very little. Being burn out doesn’t mean your dedication is over. However without resolve, a burnt out person will cause their ministries to suffer through a lack of enthusiasm.

So when you feel you are burnt out, or when you hear someone saying they are burnt out, consider the amount of time that person spends in replenishment. While burn out is real, it can be avoided by changing your perception and choosing where to focus the time you have.


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