Yesterday I ran across a website ( and I am very impressed with what they offer. They offer real tips and advice for church marketing. One of the threads I personally like is why they chose their name. The post was well-crafted and I liked the spin. Many disagree with the use of the word sucks because many think it is giving in to worldliness. But personally I like it. As a Christian you are called to live your calling, not make other Christians happy. Being Christian and living for Him isn’t pretty all the time. Sometimes to reach your target market you have to get down and dirty (some might say sucks is dirty, other perhaps not). But as long as YOU are living for HIM and answering HIS calling and listening to HIM if HE convicts YOU, then that’s all the matters. It’s not your job to justify your unique calling to others. If Gods in it, and if they are open, they’ll see it. Modernity doest justify false teachings, but it does call us to reach those who need it in a unique way–whatever way will reach them.


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