Why Our Marshmellows are Stored in Jars

Vader is on top – October 2010

A few months after getting married I began begging my hubs for a kitty. I’ve always had a cat growing up and every Purina commercial made me want one more and more. I went to the pet store up the street just to look at the adoptables and dream of my own kitty. I fell in love with an adorable little girl named “Razzles” who was a green eyed, light brown maincoon who was sweet, loving and small. I wanted her so badly. I begged and begged for her, but my husband was convinced he was allergic.

About 2 weeks after Razzles found a new home I was helping hubs outback when I heard a little mew. I turned to see not one, but two tiny fluffy furballs wrestling between our hours and our neighbors. I know all of the people on our street and I knew none of them had had kittens recently and being that our home was a little bit of a distance from any other homes, I knew I wouldn’t be able to find their owners easily. So I did what I knew was best.

I begged to keep them. I took them inside immediately and gave them baths. They looked clean but we took them to the local pet store to make sure. They checked their ears, mouths, and limbs to make sure they were in good shape and they both got a clean bill of health! So I got my kitties after all.

That was around Halloween. By Thanksgiving, we had decided to give the biggest kitty (Darth) to the hubs little sister as her Christmas present. So I was left with Vader (see what we did there?) and I loved him immediately. He was the cutest addition to our little family and our akita (Marley) was so gentle with him.

Fastforward to 2012

We moved into our home in September 2011 and sometime between when we moved in and spring of 2012 Vader (who only answers to “Kitty”) discovered my baking goods. In the pantry in my kitchen we have wire shelves like most pantries. I store the jar of kitty treats, jar of dog treats and packages of flour, sugar, boxed mashed potatoes, chocolate chips and of course, marshmallows. Well little Vader, who wasn’t so little anymore as he weighs nearly 15 pounds now, discovered my baking supplies.

First we noticed the dog getting a hold of the loaves of bread from the counter, so those went on top of the fridge. Then we found the bread bags covered in tiny claw and teeth marks wit no bread in sight. Our animals were conspiring against us and our lunches. So all of the bagged goods went in the closet. Turns out that is what made Kitty find our baked goods.

I waked into the closet last week to find, not one, not two, but three twist tied bags of baked goods on the floor in the closet with a trail of powered sugar following. This didn’t happen once or twice, but nearly a half a dozen times. I keep forgetting that I can’t just stick it in the pantry—instead of stuffing it at the back or under bigger things. This past time, I had had it. He had 3 half bags of baked goods in the closet at once! He apparently had a very interesting or very boring day at home.

So now we store our baked goods in clear glass jars on the counter with labels so hubs doesn’t put powdered sugar in the gravy or flour in his Koolaid.

…silly Kitty.




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