The Magical Wonders of Tea Tree Oil

About a month and a half ago I was introduced to a company called Melaleuca. The company was named Melaleuca because of the plant that they use in the majority of their products. The tea tree plant, or the Melaleuca plant. Melaleuca as a company works similarly to Avon or Amway. The customers become the employees and managers and they sell from their homes and businesses. However, unlike Avon or Mary Kay, you don’t have to have inventory on hand to sell the product. The customers (you or your friends) simply log in online and order themselves. In order to remain a preferred customer, you simply have to order a certain amount of points per month. The point system works like that of Weight Watchers. Each item has a point value. Melaleuca is not like Amway and other companies that do multilevel marketing (MLM) because of their structure.

My husband and I recently became preferred customers and absolutely love the product. From removing pesty blood stains, to removing softball stains and brightening my clothes in general, Melaleuca’s laundry products and stain removal products have amazed me again and again. Likewise, their cleaning products are far superior to those purchased in the store–and best of all, they are cheaper! Melaleuca sells their products in concentrated versions–6 times concentrated to be exact. A 48 load bottle of detergent is only $10 and only 24 fl oz because you only need to use 1/2 oz per load. A HALF AN OUNCE!!! I was in shock when I first received our order and saw how small all of the bottles were. However, I have been amazed at their cleaning power and how little I need to use to get the same or a better result. Melaleuca’s Concentrated Products

Also, their cleaning products are better for your home and the environment because they are non-caustic, contain no bleach, no ammonia, no formaldehyde and they are more effective and super concentrated. Because they are concentrated, they use less plastic and therefore are producing less waste. The cleaning products do not have child-resistant caps because they are not needed, proving how gentle and yet effective these cleaning products truly are. I’ve used Melaleuca’s tub and tile cleaner without gloves!

Before about two months ago I had only heard of tea tree oil from the knock off Proactive face care line that I purchased from Walmart called AcneFree. Their sensitive skin care products contain tea tree oil. I was amazed at how nice my skin was after using the AcneFree Sensitive Skin care line, but like all good things–Walmart decided to not continue selling it. And I wasn’t about to pay extra to ship something from East Jabib, so I switched to a different line within the same company. Recently I’ve been using the plain AcneFree face wash (not the kit because I always end up with extra lotions and no enough toner). It’s about $6 and lasts a little over a month. I was so amazed at the power of tea tree oil back when I used Acne Free’s sensitive skin care line and again I have been amazed at tea tree oil since joining Melaleuca. It’s like a miracle oil. It’s magically wonderful.


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