Gardening and Beautifying the Powell’s

Powell Home When We Purchased

Homeownership this Easter meant a sore hiney and thighs, and waddling around and stumbling up steps. We worked this weekend on pulling up all of the yellow and red bushes and moving the rose bushes to the right and planting new flowers and such. I cannot wait until the new plants bloom all the way and grow bigger next year!! Too bad we missed the bloom period for this year. Here’s the new look.

After Easter Weekend Planting

The stick-looking bushes by the front door are actually pretty up close. They are Purple Leaf Sand Cherry shrub/trees and they look like the below image.

And if you look really close, there is a weeping willow looking sticky-tree in front of the big window. That is a Snow Fountains Weeping Cherry like the one below.

Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry from

So that is how I spend my Easter weekend, and I am extremely sore but very proud of our handiwork. Photos of our garden coming soon!


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