Pinterest Will Be the End of Me

Since I joined Pinterest I have noticed a vast influx in how many people use Pinterest and in how long my to-do list is. I have tried various recipes, tricks for cleaning, homemade remedies and more just because I saw them on Pinterest. My day job consists of making webpages more findable to Google, and we talk about how Social Media is taking over the Internet because it adds the “Human Factor” to a website and Google LOVES that. Google also loves Blogs so here I am blogging away my life. Back to Pinterest…

I made a curtain the other week for my laundry room-because no one wants to see me ducking and dodging while trying to get my fluffed shirt or slightly damp air-dried jeans from the dryer in my skivvies. It’s it pretty?

DIY Curtains
DIY Curtains

Like an old MasterCard commercial:

Putting together the sewing machine… 1 Hour
Sewing half of the curtain, realizing I messed it up and popping 5 ft of stitches… 2 Hours
Learning how to thread the bobbin correctly… 45 Minutes
Sewing the curtain correctly…1 Hour
Not having to hide from the neighbors while going to my dryer in my skivvies… PRICELESS.

Threading the Bobbin seemed easy but was really not easy thanks to my Singer Esteem 2 Instructions (or lack there of).

I used this YouTube video called Bobbin Case Threading and Inserting into Machine. Check it out in case you ever find yourself in a bobbin threading conundrum.

Now I am making curtains for the bay window in the kitchen and the window above the sink. #LikeAGoodNeighbor… STOP LOOKING THROUGH MY WINDOWS. Peeping toms… More to come!

And not for my marketing ploy… “Follow LPowell3rd and see the fun things I find and make on Pinterest!”


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