Living and Learning

On June 13, 2010 I married my best friend. The first year of marriage was a bumpy one, but it has since smoothed out. We are getting used to each other and understanding what marriage is. We moved to Alabama after our Mexican honeymoon and began our life in a cute new two story disattached townhouse.

In December we visited our families in North Carolina and New Jersey. While driving home we both looked at each other and knew our time in Alabama was over. We put our house up on Craigslist and sold it in two weeks to the first couple who looked at it. We even turned enough of a profit to cover our moving expenses and purchase new couches.

The end of January 2011 we moved to New Jersey and moved into the in law suite of my in laws house. We began attending Lambs Road Assembly in Sewell, NJ and have been helping with the youth ever since. While at a Christian music festival in PA at the end of June with our youth students, we found out Cliff’s mom had a golf-ball sized brain tumor that needed surgery within the week. When we got home a few days later, Mandie had brain surgery to remove the tumor and through many trials, rehabilitation, and radiation treatments she is now a walking miracle and testimony of God’s grace and mercy. She just got back from a two week trip to Spain to visit her family with Cliff’s dad.

In September 2011, we moved into our beautiful home in Erial, NJ. Just to be confusing we are in Gloucester Township, Camden County, Erial the city and Sicklerville the mailing address. So I guess we are in 4 places at once? Regardless, We moved in in September (over labor day weekend) and began decorating and updating the house to our liking. We have bought very little furniture so far and have dreamed a lot of dreams for the home. It’s a 3 bed, 2.5 bath two-story home with stucco and siding and a decent sized yard.

Our House
Powell 3rd Home

We ripped up the grass last fall and started fresh, but you couldn’t tell with all of the weed that are present right now (this picture was from the realtor so it doesn’t do justice). We had a mild winter for New Jersey and only had snow twice–both of which were covered in rain within a few hours and were no fun to play with.

In January 2012, Cliff was let go from his job and we reevaluated our lives. Cliff felt a strong push to complete his credentials with the Assemblies of God. Previously, he had waited because the church in Alabama was not Assemblies of God and we were told that it was frowned upon to have differing credentials and that if he planned on switching to not get his AG credentials quite yet. Turns out that wasn’t necessarily true. Regardless, the extra time Cliff had had since January has been spent obtaining his credentials through Global (an online credentialing program). He hopes to be completed by June.

We are hoping to start a family as soon as we are financially stable again. With Cliff jumping from small job to small job, it is not very smart to start a family quite yet. Hopefully late summer or early fall. I can’t wait. In the meantime, I will focus on beautifying my home and learning as much as I can about cooking, decorating, and being a Pastor’s wife–you know, the usual.


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